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October 2014

A Tribute to Natasha

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After watching some highlights from a FamilyJules7x Twitch Stream in which Jules’ keyboard cat Natasha writes the melody line to one of his chip tunes I decided to post a little tribute to the composing kitty:

Portrait of Natasha with Mozart wig

Natasha the composing cat

If you aren’t aware of Family Jules he’s a guitarist, musician and music composer primarily focused on video game tunes, which can be found on his fairly famous YouTube channel FamilyJules7X, he also streams on Twitch often at US friendly times (EST). If, like me, you are a big fan of both music and games (the more retro variety in particular) you should take a look if you haven’t already.

Logo Miss-Fire

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In along with many of my half-arsed business ideas resulting from my ever changing moods. I decided I was going to start up my own little T-shirt business over this last year. I was going to come up with the logos and the T-shirt designs and transfer the designs on to my bulk bought T-shirts. This plan was all well and good but unfortunately my heart had got the better of my head. I’d done my research in plenty of detail on how to actually print my designs and where to sell online but very little on the actual business and profit side of things. It turns out that it really wouldn’t be the best thing to purse and that I probably would have to sell a great amount to make my constant back and forth from the Post Office at all worthwhile. Oh well, it was a sweet idea, I got as far as my first commission. Other things will have to take precedence for now. See logo design below :

Lone Wolf Logo

My first Logo/T-shirt design I started working on

Lone Wolf Sketch and Doodling