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December 2014

CM Punk in the UFC!

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So the news of CM Punk’s entry in to the UFC  has now broke, and social media has erupted with opinion throughout the different fight circles. Everyone has their own thoughts and, of course, I also want to give mine. I am now an MMA and UFC fan and have started to train in BJJ, but in the past like most young kids I enjoyed WWE. I’m aware of CM Punk but I have not seen a great deal of him in action as I like to think I’m beyond that fake shit now lol. He comes across as a very articulate and brand savvy type of guy but he is far from a monster ‘athlete’ by WWE or professional fighting standards. The guy also has virtually no fight experience and by all accounts not a great deal of mma training either, his training with Rener Gracie has been so infrequent so far that he hasn’t yet picked up his blue belt.

Of course with professional wrestling and with CM Punk being a former member of the WWE family there are some urban legends flying around. CM Punk is not 6″6 nor does he weigh 280 pounds. He is most likely to fight in the UFC’s Middleweight division if not below. The guy has already been called out by a wide variety of UFC fighters from pretty much every weight class. My two personal favorite challenges come from Michael Bisping, who is a bit of a hero of mine, and also the former ‘Green Power Ranger’ Jason David Frank.

Could 'The Count' v CM Punk happen? I think Phil would have to win a couple of fights impressively first.

Could ‘The Count’ v CM Punk happen? I think Phil would have to win a couple of fights impressively first.

The Green Ranger has made it no secret that he would like to fight Punk

Jason David Frank would be a very popular choice of opponent and a more even match up

It’s hard to say that Bisping’s twitter call out of Punk wasn’t just more Mike’s way of introducing him to the organization though and, even though it’s a fight myself and many others want. Even Sonnen believes that Punk’s challenger ‘would be an experienced vet’ thought to be Bisping by Sonnen’s close friends). This fight is very unlikely to happen anyways though due to CM punk’s complete lack of any fighting experience or even a fight camp to date.  Again a point to note in this fantasy fight, I’ve heard people say that Bisping is ‘old now’ when talking about this fight like Punk will have some kind of edge. Bisping has loads of experience (so this maybe where people are getting confused) but at present he is 35, CM Punk is already 36!

The Green Ranger would be much more of an even contest experience wise and here Punk would actually have the advantage of age on his side. The fight fits perfectly for the fans that Dana hopes to attract to the UFC with Punk’s signing and I would be fully behind this fight also. If this is what is needed, get Frank signed up Dana!

I have watched virtually all Phil ‘CM Punk’ Brooks’ interviews since his UFC signing was announced and he is speaking both respectfully and realistically about the UFC and it’s fighters. I understand just as much as CM Punk why many maybe pissed off that he has got this free entry, but can we really blame him for using his fame (Gained through hard work in a slightly similar world) to pursue his dreams? The one advantage he will have over most will be he will be able to select the best training, which will be a huge advantage, as long as he puts the work in he says he will. I do think Punk will struggle and he has a very big challenge ahead of him but I personally wish him all the best in his new venture, unless he fights Mike Bisping of course.

CM Punk

Dana announces the signing on Twitter