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You Don’t Have To Worry.

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I want to write this article to tie up my other articles about positive well being and there is a single hugely important point that I want to make. That point is, if you are looking upon your life in the right way you simply don’t need to worry, just get on with your life. Even if you feel absolutely terrible at this present moment in time the feelings are so unlikely to last. Over time the only way such thoughts and feelings can continue is by dwelling on the thoughts and negativity and by avoiding your passions and where you want to go in live. Fair enough you have commitments and you may have to work a job, or go to a school that you hate, but you don’t have to be there the whole time, let your mind take you to where you want to be.

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Sure enough I still often experience periods of real anger thinking of the injustices of the past and it is not always possible to take your mind away. This can becomes a real issue when you have too much time on your hands, you work alone and you are not given the opportunities to get out there and move on even though you want to, and desperately try to. At these points every day feels like a week, a week a month and so on.. it is important to realise here that there is always another way or something else that you can be doing that day to improve yourself. In the incidences when I am really angry I just put on some Metallica or Offspring and work out like crazy. I always find this makes anger subside enough that I can concentrate on what I want to. Life isn’t fair and that is a fact, and that’s even though I do believe karma exists to a certain extent. When it is possible to look forward and get things done however, follow your goals. They will be both the ultimate distraction and your savior.

I purposefully only want to write a very limited number of articles on promoting positive mental health because I firmly believe that once you understand the problems – your mind set, and the solutions -CBT (changing the way you view things) and catharsis, then, personally for me, the best way to move forward is to move on and take your life where you want it to be going. Practically ignore the current feelings and emotions and do everything you can to move forward. This is the reason why I have wrote these articles about promoting positive mental health and published them on my personal website, to remind myself what to do continually and how I should look at things. Sure we know the concepts, but when life gets hectic and busy and when things get tough it is also very easy to forget how to look at things in the right way. Sure my advice will not be applicable or useful to many, because they have experienced different things. I can’t speak and advise on severe depression, bi-polar or debilitating phobias or chronic OCD issues, but I have experienced severe levels of high anxiety in the past, and this is how I coped and came through it.

Fight through the bad days to earn the best days of your life

So true

Transforming your mindset may not be easy, but throw in some motivation and inspiration to go where you want to go and you will eventually make it though. I look around and I see plenty of people who experience mental health issues but they still have the problems I used to have. They are too analytical and they are dwelling on the issues too much. Instead of trying to understand what you are feeling, focus on improving yourself and getting what you want from life. I feel this may be one of the reasons that YouTube channels concerned with mental health, and hosted by people who have experienced very real issues, are often not hugely successful, because, yes people can relate, but it can also be muddled and depressing. Everyone experiences anxiety and depression differently, people are unlikely to have experienced exactly what you have, if you can, why not get on, be healthy and move on and up.

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So there is something you want to achieve but maybe you are not yet fully confident in yourself. Well the good news is that you don’t have to be, as the now famous quote state –

“you dont have to see the whole staircase just take the first step.”

It always is, and always will be scary to take steps in to the unknown but this is how growth is achieved and eventually how winning is done.

“The first step will always be the hardest.”

Lets talk about a great weapon to use in our life battle for success. Visualization. The simple fact is the more you think about an upcoming situation and see it in a positive light with the outcome that you want, then there is more chance that you will get the very outcome that you are after!

Visualizing for success

This is in complete contrast to what the vast majority of people do and that is to worry. Worry is obviously a natural emotion that in modern times now is a mostly destructive emotion. At the very best it tends to be useless and only serves to make us less prepared for what we are actually worrying about. It is natural to do however, so it is yet another aspect of the mind that we really can work on in order to achieve stellar positive mental health. We want to identify our worry and negative self talk straight away and nip it in the bud. We can then instantly replace that with positive visualization. The concept of visualizing can be so powerful many individuals (for example Paul McKenna) have made hugely successful careers utilizing the concepts to help others.

The concept of visualization is exactly as it sounds and it is simply the process of picturing everything going right at an event before the situation takes places, it is basically therefore the exact opposite of worrying. It is also a useful aid in meditation although in that setting a peaceful scene is generally used to relax the mind and body. It can be used to prepare for practically any situation in anyone’s life regardless of the real importance or impact of an event. Common examples are, preparing for important public speeches, approaching a crush for a date and any and all areas of sports performance, sports scientists and advisers to practically any professional sports team or individual around the world know the huge importance that positive visualization can have on sporting performance.

Visualization really does work, but of course you need to be prepared for your event also. There would be no point picturing a perfect delivery of a keynote speech with everyone roaring with laughter at those painstakingly prepared one liners if you have failed to prepare your speech properly, or come up with any decent jokes beforehand. Visualizing can not work on it’s own without preparation.

Making Them Laugh

You may not get the right outcome every time and it simply may not happen as you had pre-visualized, but the point is you tried your very best and therefore there are no regrets to be had. This is not an excuse to give up and say that positive visulization doesn’t work, it is simply an opportunity to learn from experience, realise that you gave yourself the best preparation possible and that things have a much better chance of going right next time!