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January 2016

Modern Invasion of Europe?

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So, the Syrian migrant/refugee crisis..where to start on this one. Well the first point every white Britain now has to clearly emphasis is that I am far from racist or against immigration. I do admit however that I am against mass uncontrolled immigration and that is precisely what is happening throughout Europe at present. Of course I have empathy for genuine refugees that require aid and I despise my own government which is partially responsible for the whole debacle in the first place. The main issue we have is that a majority of the ‘refugees’ that are arriving at the boarders are clearly not refugees at all, they are economic migrants looking for a better quality of life for themselves making a mockery of the plight of the genuine refugees from Syria. Most do not stop in the first safe country they arrive in and attempt to seek refugee, they instead move on to the next country and what they perceive as better. The vast majority are all young males of fighting age who have chosen to abandoned woman and children at home in order to seek a more comfortable life for themselves instead of staying and fighting for their homeland. The situation is the very opposite of what is historically supposed to happen in a refugee crisis as a result of war.

Another glaring issue is that a large proportion of the migrants are not actually from Syria but surrounding countries. Discarded documents have been found identifying nationalities but these are disposed of in hopes of a free pass that will more than likely be granted by the EU. They all appear well fed and dressed, there’s lots of beaming smiles and I’m sure many have a better smart phone than myself. All these factors are obviously clear to the EU government and in any of times past this situation clearly would not happen, it would be absurd to even think of. The mainstream media is also clearly only pedaling pro migrant propaganda unless it is forced to cover a story due to the pressures of social media, and the problems that we are seeing now that a lot of the migrants have began to ‘settle’, in Germany for example, could have easily been predicted with anyone with a functioning brain.

The modern Trojan horse

The modern Trojan horse lead to Europe

The question we now have to ask is why is this being forced upon us by our European government? It is not for the reason that governments are trying to push through mainstream media, that they perceive it as the only option to stop the supposed ‘suffering’ of all the migrants. That is simply not true. The vast majority of the people within Europe were never given a vote on what should happen and they blatantly ignore the voice of the people they are supposed to represent anyway. I believe the truth is that the vast majority of the politicians couldn’t care less about the suffering of the people both national and international, the only possible reason is to further an agenda. An agenda of power, greed, money and control. More migrants entering is good for big business – more people, more competition for work, cheaper labour etc, but even more importantly it gives further stability to the corrupt politicians currently in the seats of power who will have secured the future votes of the huge number of migrants whom they have welcomed with open arms and bent over backwards for, often at the expense of their own native populations. There is also the factor of globalized world government wanting to clear and take over the middle east and Syria via the ongoing de-stabilizing tactics and seize the oil reserves, the chaos and unrest that this whole situation brings could well fit in to the ‘big picture’.

The New World Order is the Enemy of Humanity

This of course opens up the debate of the supposed New World Order (NWO) or even the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan. I am most definitely not a conspiracy theory guy, although I’ll admit like many I do find many conspiracy theories interesting, but this is the one situation that is so obviously out in the open and so blatantly against common sense that leads me to believe that in many aspects the rise of a NWO is actually a very true theory and is not really a conspiracy theory at all. One only needs to look at the workings of the European parliament, working as a dictatorship, removing power from individual countries and governed by individuals that have not even been elected to see the centralized powers clearly already forming in front of our eyes. The main problem is that most people are simply too distracted with the X-Factor or Kim Kardashian’s ass to look, or even care.

Illuminati confirmed

Illuminati confirmed

Dan Hardy and the Pursuit of Ayahuasca

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UFC fighter, life-long martial artist and punk and metal-core fan Dan Hardy is turning spiritual.  The man that used to enter the Octagon to the sound of ‘England Belongs to Me’ by the legendary underground punk band OI! now practices yoga alongside his martial arts and has visited the depths of the peruvian jungle for Ayahuasca ceremonies. I knew nothing of the spiritual and mental benefits of Ayahuasca and other psychedelics (psyilosybin containing magic mushrooms for example) until I saw interviews with the outlaw opening up on his positive and constructive experiences with psychedelics. Being a big fan of both the UFC and the Outlaw in particular, and also positive physical and mental well-being, discovering this was a big deal for me.

Nottingham born MMA and UFC fighter Dan Hardy

Undertaking an Ayahuasca ceremony involves ingesting an ancient, indigenous brew containing psychedelic compounds perfected by the amazonian natives back in the day. The ceremony is led and directed by a shaman and involves each participant to introspect under the influence of the Ayahasca and with the absence of the human ego. As Dan Hardy himself puts it, he doesn’t do this stuff for fun, It’s a deeply introspective process where you take a long hard look at yourself without your own ego at work, it can be at times a deeply anxiety promoting experience (often including vomit and unexpected bowl movements) but that is all part of the process in itself. Dan uses Ayahuasca and psyilosybin in particular to step back away from his problems and to see the ‘whole picture’ clearly. He sees it as a feeling of ‘leveling up’ as in a video game and a discovery of a clear path to take until the monotony of modern life breaks the clarity and the medicine calls him again.

Further to this many people have reported using these types of natural psychedelics as alternative medicine to tackle there issues with anxiety and depression as the process of looking at ones life in this state allows them to put there life in to perspective and see things for what they really are. Reports of anxiety/depression sufferers who have tried this method state that they have a much clearer and calmer focus long after the experience and some even claim that they have been permanently cured by the experience.

Supping the brew

Gathering for Ayahuasca

Hearing of Dan and many other peoples healing and self-developing experiences with psychedelics encouraged me to search for and try psyilocybin myself. I live in an area that is abundant with liberty caps, basically the perfect climate for the growth of the perfect psyilosybin packed magic mushroom. Unfortunately we have had a fairly unproductive season this autumn and scouring with my untrained eye I wasn’t able to find very many of the kind I was looking for. I did manage to find a small amount which I took in a familiar and relaxed setting washed down with some fresh orange juice. If you are unfamiliar with psychedelics always research how to take them safely before consuming anything..and obviously always make sure you know 100% what you are taking! I didn’t take a huge amount so never experienced the feeling of detachment from ‘this reality’ into something otherworldly. I just experienced a very mellow and relaxed high with very mild visual hallucinations that were more intense with eyes closed. It was a perfect state for meditating and I did feel a deeper clarity and ‘warmness’ that made me feel very emotional.

Because of my extremely miniature haul of shrooms obtained, I decided that I would have a go at growing my own ‘Magic Truffles’ – the underground growing varient of the shrooms that affect us in much the same way as the shrooms in general. I got hold of some spores and cultivated them as appropriate. This process is ongoing and I hope to be able to use some home grown truffles to cultivate some actual mushrooms in the future with growing experience.

I would love to try an Ayahuasca ceremony but I don’t know of any taking place in England where I live. I would also love to travel to the source and head off to the South American jungle for a ceremony, the whole thing is really not too cheap however and there is the whole safety aspect to consider. It is a trip I most definitely want to make in the future though once I become more knowledgeable.

To the jungle

To the jungle