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November 2019

Living In South-East Asia

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Some little things I’ve noticed after moving back over to Southeast Asia to be with my Filipina girlfriend:

  • The toilet rolls here are ultra thin and mini. You’ll have to do much more than double up. It’s also not always so easy to find somewhere to wipe your hands after using the Banyo. 
  • I’m a favourite of the mosquitoes and insects.
  • You will have an egg with every meal and curry and spices for breakfast.
  • The toaster is now gone. In it’s place will be the rice cooker.
  • You may have a fork and spoon but never a knife. Of course you may also have chop sticks instead.
  • You will come across places with everyone sat sitting the same direction, as if at a concert, even if ther’s nothing to look at.
  • Lifestock and cattle may well be grazing directly next to the road or rail side.
  • If you go shopping anywhere, in Thailand in particular, there will be an endless supply of female clothes and fashions.
  • Riding a tuk tuk, train and motorbike here in general is real enjoyable. You can’t beat the feeling of a cool breeze in warm sunshine close to nature.
  • There’s an abundance of fresh fruit here and the food tends to be much healthier than in the west at much lower prices.
  • The Buddha Park in Vientiane, Laos is amazing and made me feel as though I was in the Kickboxer movie with Van Damme.
  • They don’t like me at Laos Immigration!

I’m experiencing new things here whilst continuing to grow and learn. I feel like attempting to get back in to kickboxing again after my latest knee op. What better place to try than Thailand right? And this time even with a supportive girlfriend by my side. My girlfriend is Filipina so I continue to improve my Tagalog language skills whilst working on my Web Development and continue my Blockchain and Cryptocurrency education.