Founder of Digital Acoustics.orgHi people,

I’m a Digital Entrepreneur from the North of England and I live for things such as music, health & fitness and gaming. So welcome to both my lifestyle blog and home to some of my online personal creative projects.

I come from a predominantly technology based background but never got a degree after finishing formal education (only doing one year on my university course). I felt this was holding me back in the world of work and I was working mundane 9 to 5 jobs anyways. I decided I should work for myself and spend my time working hard doing what I want to do.

I like computers, graphic design and photography and have developed web design and front end development skills in order to help pursue what I love.

I’ve been a huge music fan for most of my life and I still enjoy playing my trusty old guitars! Hopefully I can share some of my videos with you people and watch some of yours.

I love technology and how it lets us achieve a great many things, but in many ways I am also extremely traditional and love nature and I think this contrast kind of helps define me as a person.

I would also like to inspire people and help motivate them to reach their goals.

Thanks for stopping by my site.