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I recently started reminiscing back on catching glimpses of The Ultimate Warrior and the British Bulldog as a youth and how excited it made me at the time. Living in England I missed a great deal of the ‘pro’ wrestling action because of unfriendly time-zones but my dad tried to keep me updated as much as he could with news and highlights. He bought us the WWF Wrestlemania game for the Atari ST which I have only very recently sold on and I have great memories of playing that game back in the day. As I grew up and moved on to the Playstation I continued to love wrestling games. I had WWF Attitude and Smackdown on the Playstation 1 and I continued to occasionally catch highlights of the current pro wrestling story-lines as a guilty pleasure. I really do think the themes, gimmicks, the music and branding of pro wrestling all combine so well and translate to make hugely entertaining video games.

'WWF Attitude' Screenshot

WWF Attitude

WWF Smackdown 2

WWF Smackdown 2








Because I missed a great deal of the story-lines as a child I’m in the process of binge watching this retro bygone age of classic wrestling in my free time, ie The Hogan era. I’m looking back on some of the awesome entrances and gimmicks which were most often far better than the actual wrestling itself, such as The Legion of Doom’s theme song which was so simple yet so powerful and would blow the roofs off stadiums. Stuff like that shows the true power of punk when combined with the personalities and appearance of Hawk and Animal. A good example of this is the Legion of Doom’s 1992 Summerslam entrance which can be easily found here on YouTube. Music and pro wrestling just go together so well..even Ozzy Osbourne recognized this and made guest appearances in the WWE a couple of times. Ronda Rousey with her love of ‘rowdy’ name provider Rody Piper has also been known to show up in the WWE.

Ozzy and The Bulldogs

Ozzy and The Bulldogs

Ronda Rousey appears at Wrestlemania

Rousey appears at Wrestlemania






Pro Wrestling of this classic time period is still very much watchable as an adult simply for the pure comedy value and it surely inspires and entertains young kids who are still willing to suspend their disbelief. These factors mean pro wrestling should be commended for what it is, and that is simply unadulterated entertainment in it’s purest and simplest form. The dark side to pro wrestling back then however was the alarming abuse of steroids that took place. The Ultimate Warrior and The British Bulldog, aka Davey Boy Smith where both famously ousted from the WWF due to steroid issues before later returning..drug addictions took the lives of many famous wrestlers within this time period.

The British Bulldog aka Davey Boy Smith

Speaking of Davey Boy Smith I recently signed a petition to get him in to the WWE Hall of Fame which pushed the tally to over 10,000 votes. The information and link to the petition can be found at  so be sure to get on it!

The WWF became the WWE and things are well and truly PG and Politically Correct now (don’t dare call one of the female wrestlers a diva!) and in my mind can’t compare to the classic shows of yesteryear. It’s also the case now that there is simply too much of it. It maybe worth a watch for a laugh now and again but for me nothing can quite compare to watching the LOD riding out to the ring with the music blaring and the sun setting over a packed Wembley stadium.

SummerSlam 1992 - Wembley Stadium

SummerSlam 1992 at Wembley Stadium also hosted the famous Intercontinental Championship match between Brett Hart and The British Bulldog

What keeps you going?

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For me it is not yet having achieved what I want to in life. In essence I believe this applies to us all really. We all need clear visible goals that we are striving to achieve. When I was younger I used to watch Dawson’s Creek. This seems like a very strange thing to bring up I know, but I loved that show. I could relate so much to the main character. Sure the franchise started to drag on a little too long and the characters (supposed teenagers) talked like college professors but the show was just so positive in nature and filled with great quotes- for people of any age – to carry with them, on through their life journey. I actually took my online username from the place where the majority of the show was filmed in Wilmington (North Carolina) although I spelled it wrong as Willmington..oh well.

It had great music as well. It’s clear that the creator Kevin Williamson and co had a love of music, which can be seen from the episode titles that often referenced the names of classic rock hits. It was written semi-biographically giving it much more power and credibility to me and showcased nature and tranquility. I’ve gone off subject here, but the point I wanted to make is that I actually take inspiration from Dawson (or Kevin, if we are thinking real life) following his career goals in life and the extents he was willing to go to, to make his dreams a reality. He had a love of film making and although it would seem more like a pipe dream to others, he made sure that this work would always be in his life.

Dawson, Joey and Pacey making film

Dawson the filmaker

One quote that particularly still resonates with me is from season 5, the episode ‘The Long Goodbye’. The episode deals with the aftermath of Dawson’s dad’s death after a road accident. A classic ‘flashback’ scene is used with Dawson remembering his dad walk in to his room and give him a camcorder to make films for his twelfth birthday. Dawson is overjoyed but also adamant that film-making is not just a phase in his youth.  “Let the things you love be your escape”

So here I am now, stuck in my mother’s house forced to listen to the ongoing arguments with her partner. Being helpless to have any positive influence of her self-imposed merry go round of misery. I lost my grandad last Christmas so now also often care for my grandmother, my dad past away a few years back now. My own relationships are far from great at present and I don’t really have anywhere to go get away from all this crap. But this is when it is most important to keep the positive messages in my head. I keep on working on the things I love in live as much as I possibly can, because I know this is what will lead me to a better life and to where I want to be. I’m making sure that I’m sticking to a productive routine and that I continue to work and improve myself whilst I bind my time to grab at my chances in life. I know that once I get a hold I’m not letting go.

Sun going down on the creek

Would be nice to walk out back to this everyday