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The largest struggle we ever face will always be in our minds. This point is driven home in the motivational video by RedFrost Motivation, take a look here. How we view things in life is way way more important than most people realise, and if we want to be genuinely happy and fulfilled in life we really need to be taking a lot more notice of this.

The simple fact of our thoughts determining our true happines in life is the reason that CBT really can be such a powerful tool. CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and is the most common method of treatment for the vast majority of people who have ever experienced a mental health issue. It can also easily be of use to every single person on the planet however. It really is a very simple concept and there is nothing at all fancy about it and neither is it difficult to understand. It is simply the process of taking each situation in life that causes us pain/anger/anxiety etc, breaking it down and looking at that situation in a different way so that we no longer feel the negative response from the thought, or even better, we see positives from our past negative situations.

The concept can be applied to basically anything that we have experienced in life and to ensure we get the good thoughts embedded in to our sub-conscious it is best to create a list of all the significant negative experiences we have had, and after each, write out the accompanying positive outcome we can see from each situation.

Some examples could be –

  • Failing a hugley important exam – This could mean that you now can’t pursue the avenue that you wanted to go down career-wise, but doesn’t it also open up other opportunities. Maybe you were on the wrong path in the first place and were only trying to please someone else by trying to get a high paying career. You can now re-evaluate look for other alternative avenues and go again.
  • Your partner cheating on you after being in a relationship for years – Sure it may feel terrible to start with, but it’s better that you’ve found out and can now move on and live the rest of your life doing what you want to do, going your own way, instead of unknowingly being stuck in a relationship with a liar and a cheat.
  • A loved family member passing away – Yes it means we can no longer physically go to that person for comfort or support anymore but maybe they were ill and suffering and now they don’t have to be in pain anymore. If you are in a quandary and at a point when you would normally go to that person for advice and guidance you can just ask yourself ‘what would they say?’ and use your past experiences of the person’s personality to find the answer. Think of all the good times that you shared together in the past also and be thankful that you had that time, which is much better than nothing right?

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