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Addicted to Spelunky!

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Spelunky time!

Spelunky time!

I’m at a stage of my life where I’m learning an awful lot of stuff.. a lot of stuff relating to completely different aspects of my life. I’m going as fast as I can but things have again seriously been held up by an addiction of mine..and that sadly is an addiction to the game Spelunky. I’m supposed to be driving ahead and forging on with my career as a Digital Marketer and Web Developer, instead I’ve become obsessed trying to make a little cartoon ‘Indiana Jones’  styled character (strangley with a massive weird shaped red nose) get ‘To Hell and Back’. Damn those Steam achievements!

I don’t think I’ve ever played a game that is more addictive than Spelunky. It has the “I’ll just have one more go” appeal in absolute spades. The game has got rave reviews on Steam and rightly so. The game is constructed so well. It is extremely challenging and when you first begin to play you’ll struggle to pass the first couple of levels. You learn something new every single run though and when you die you always think you can do better next time, and that’s the simple reason why you can’t stop playing. It’s the same principle as with games like The Binding of Issac, another game that I got hopelessly addicted to and had to 100%.

The Spelunky ghost

The ghost is a real nuisance until you get used to the game

Spelunky is not a stylish game, the visuals are cartoony, the game is colorful and visually child friendly, barring possibly the giant spiders but it’s just so god damn addictive! It’s an ‘arcade’ type game. My personal favourite type, you can just pick it up and play without worrying about any story. It’s just the gameplay and you can almost go in to a trance like state.  Spelunky reminds me of when I used to play Doom as a kid. That was acceptable of course because I was a child back then. The worrying thing though.. is that I’m still doing the same thing now! Instead of fully concentrating on making money and forwarding my career I’m worrying about my ‘average game completion rate’ and ‘crafting badges’ all of which have no bearing or benefit on my life and result in no profit what-so-ever.

It’s not this game really that’s the problem it’s the Steam achievements themselves. I’ve made the mistake of signing up to Steam now and it’s taking it’s toll on my OCD type personality. So just a note to anyone thinking of creating a Steam account, I definitely wouldn’t recommend Steam to anyone with OCD type tendencies, unless you have all the time in the world to dedicate to it. I think it’s just a phase for me. Hopefully.

Me playing Spelunkey

Like me playing Spelunkey or Doom as a kid