Willmington Project – An Original Doom WAD

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Since I was a big fan of all the Doom games as a kid I decided it would be fun to create my own level using Doom Builder. I’d played a couple of other peoples’ level using ZDoom and was impressed with how creative you could get with it. Have a look at my trailer below. If you have ZDoom and you’re interested in trying the level I’ll put the WAD file on Doomworld soon. I can’t post it on here because of security reasons apparently.


Map for Doom II level 'Willmington Project'

Willmington Project Level Map


MUGEN fun – Peter Kombat

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I’m a big Mortal Kombat fan and used to love the games and many other 2-D beat-em up video games as a kid. This lead me to check out MUGEN. If you’re not aware MUGEN is a 2-D fighting game engine designed by Elecbyte. The MUGEN download files are freely available from Elecbyte’s website and once downloaded all the files are editable, making the game basically fully customizable in all areas!

I decided to combine my love of Mortal Kombat and Family Guy (In my opinion Peter Griffin is a comedy genius!) to create a personalized MUGEN game – Peter Kombat.

Take a look at my personalized effort below and let me know what you think, yes I actually created a Trailer to go along with the game.

…also if you have downloaded MUGEN yourself, feel free to use my edited files below to play Peter Kombat! Simply replace the default MUGEN files with my edited files in the ‘chars’ ‘data’ ‘sound’ and ‘stages’ folders and edit as you wish!