A collection of ways to make money outside of full time employment. I’ll start the list off with the easiest but less rewarding methods, and work up to the potential big money makers that require real commitment.

Most of the list can also be specifically useful for travelers, people that are constantly on the go and individuals that require flexibility with the hours that they work.

  • Online Surveys, reviews and Qmee – An easy way to earn a little extra money on the side from the comfort of your own computer. We’re lucky enough to live in an age where we can get paid for even reviewing music and bands.
  • Pet Walking/Sitting – I’ve recently noticed new websites springing up here in the UK helping to match dog owners with potential walkers and sitters. A dog is man’s best friend here but I’m sure the same is happening in all animal loving countries where pets need ongoing attendance.
  • Handyman and Gardening Jobs – Simply knock on doors in your neighborhood and ask if they have any small jobs you can help them with. There is nothing to loss, and being the pro-active upstanding citizen that you are, you have every chance of success. You may even secure a long term gig :).
  • Voice Over Work – If you can speak clearly and concisely and you have the perfect dialect grab yourself a decent microphone and sign up on a site for Voice Over Artists, another good option would be Fiverr.
  • Freelance your skills online – Are you a great writer or musician? Do you have amazing graphic design or web development skills or do you simply love photography? If so, sign up to the many online Freelance sites, flesh out your profile and start applying for online jobs. Alternatively create and then sell your work. You could sell your art prints on sites such as DeviantArt or sell your photos to Stock photo websites. You can sell any service online in the present day.

Having your own decent mode of transport for these next points would be highly beneficial.

  • Extras Work – Sign up online to sites offering Extras work for films and TV shows in your area. Submit your photos and vital statistics and hope that you get a call! As long as you submit the information that they require the chances of you getting work this way is high. The pay can be good too..just be willing to travel and be prepared for long days.
  • Teaching Languages – Ideal for travelers but can be done freelance online too. Make use of your own native language in areas that don’t speak it.
  • Joining the Armed Forces as a Reserve – This one can possibly raise some ethical issues as you are not in control of what you are fighting for. Ever country needs it’s defense though and your unit will be sure to instill fitness, discipline and leadership skills within you.
  • Delivery Driving – An advantage of continual population growth combined with the now most common trend of ordering products online is the empoyment of delivery drivers. Would you like to work alone out on the open road? This could be you!

My final points are all inter related and require a real commitment to monetize.

  • Affiliate Marketing – Create your own website and deliver individual creative content that people will want to visit you for. Then sign up to a suitable affiliate site that matches your content and place adds on your site to ensure you get paid!
  • YouTube – Getting YouTube views, easy for a select few but very hard for the majority. Upload quality content with extreme regularity is the best bet. For the most successful, the site can provide you with the stage to get sponsored as well as receiving ad revenue from YouTube for exposure to their adverts.
  • Twitch Streaming – Something that seems ideal for gamers who like the camera, if they can make it work. I have not tried it, but it links in well with YouTube and requires a similar commitment. You can earn money by people subscribing to your channel and through advertisements if you get popular enough to become a Twitch partner.
  • Write and Publish an eBook – As always write about what you know and what you are passionate about.