Six for the Price of One

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I find that there is many benefits of training in combat sports instead of going to a regular gym. Not only do you get fit and feel great you get many added benefits.

      • It’s not boring – You have a clear focus and you find that the time flies at the same time that you are getting a total body workout, both for the muscles and the heart and lungs. This is opposed to the gym where you are just moving on the spot and clock watching or moving from machine to boring machine focusing on each specific muscle group. I’ve done way too much of this in the past, although in fairness to myself I always used football or other sports as a more effective and enjoyable way to workout due to the focus and distraction elements described above. You are not aware that you are really having a workout because you are in the moment and focusing on competition.
Bored at the Gym?

Bored of the Gym?

      • It trains the mind as well as the body – Instead of just running on the spot or sitting there like a vegetable doing a bicep curl you are instead learning techniques requiring precise coordination. You are also learning strategy when competing against an opponent, you are taking in to account both your own and your opponents strengths and weaknesses in order to be successful. Notably this is particularly important with Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. I know if I had the chance to realise my perfect place to train it would be a large open mat area with a few bags, not somewhere overloaded with heavy gym machinery clutter.
BJJ Rolling

BJJ Rolling

      • Competition – Generally any good martial arts instructor will encourage their students to compete. By doing this you will be given the incentive, motivation and drive to prepare to succeed. It can give you that drive to get fit, keep fit and get fitter and be successful in competition.
      • Camaraderie – Most MMA clubs have great camaraderie between members and it’s possible to make friendships whilst training, sparring or competing. When you push both yourself and others to the limit you gain a great deal of respect for team mates and opponents and also yourself.
Michael Bisping and Kenndall Grove training at csw with Eric Paulson

Spot Michael Bisping and Kendall Grove?

      • It gives you confidence in other areas of your life.
      • You learn Self-defense – As an added bonus you’ll learn how to defend yourself out on the street as an added extra to keeping fit and healthy.
My BJJ Instructor Oliver Lovell Competing in the Abu Dhabi Jiu-Jitsu Championships

My BJJ Instructor Oliver Lovell Competing in the Abu Dhabi Jiu-Jitsu Championships


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Things have started to change a fair bit in my life recently and I’ve given my lifestyle something of an overhaul. Football and Man United will always hold a place in my heart but I just can’t relate to players in the modern professional game at all. The Premier League just isn’t for me anymore and I just feel as though I have fallen out of love with the game, for now at least. It’s coincided with the end of Sir Alex’s reign at Man United and it just feels like the right time…truly the end of an era for me!

Fitness as always been a super huge component of my life though and I’ve chosen to take up two of the greatest things in life for that very reason. I’ve recently started to do some Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) at a local MMA gym which seems to be great for both fitness and flexibility. Secondly (following on from our Yorkshire Grand Depart for the Tour De France 2014) I have taken my cycling to the next level! I’ve gone and bought a nice new Boardman Road Comp bike, the 2014 model. Check it out below.

Boardman Road Comp 2014

Light and Shiny! I have a carbon fork now too.

Here’s hoping that I can incorporate some of my own music and design creations into my new sports. Cycling in particular is great for combining music with the open air and some nice electro or something for the fitness side. I’ve also already come across a load of videos on YouTube with BJJ guys explaining just how important music is to them. I have seen a couple of nice design sites dedicated to BJJ too so maybe I have come to the right place ūüôā