Kurt and Courtney

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Kurt & CourtneyIf you are a fan of Kurt Cobain you should definitely watch this video documentary, if you’re a Courtney Love fan..I maybe wouldn’t recommend it so much for you.

The reasons I suggest Kurt Fans watch it might not be the reasons you’d expect. You won’t learn a great deal of new information here and the film doesn’t actually supply any answers. You should watch because it’s highly entertaining and in some places it’s (maybe unintentionally) downright¬† hilarious!

The first surprise is that this isn’t just a doc about the relationship between Kurt & Courtney it’s actually primarily based around Kurt’s death and deals with the conspiracy theory that he was bumped off by Courtney. The theory being that she was only with him for money and status and that at the time of his death he was going to leave her and freeze her out of his will. It doesn’t actually reach any conclusion on this but filmmaker Nick Broomfield gives his own opinion towards the end of the film. Due to the interview bias in the film and the films ending it is quite clear that he hates Courtney though, no doubt as a result of her trying to shut this film down. It does lead you to wonder if she has nothing to hide why would she do that? In the film Courtney Love’s dad is interviewed and he also seems to hate her. He is a bit of a nutter himself though like most of the other people interviewed in this doc who don’t seem real.

For hardcore Kurt fans his aunt plays recordings of him as a kid and we get shown around places in Aberdeen were he would have hung out, which is great. Throughout the film Kurt is shown as a down to earth, genuine, nice guy, which I can easily believe and Courtney is shown to be the entire opposite.

The real deciding factor in whether you like the film or not will depend on your prior opinion of Kurt and Courtney and whether or not you like Nick Broomfield’s comedy, bumbling style. If you’re after a serious, professional documentary this definitely isn’t for you! At one point he goes in to a building, that he hears Kurt used to fire his BB gun into from across the street, asking for a random interview! What information was he going to uncover there! He then gets kicked straight out. He chases people around throughout the film and films people who are completely unrelated to the story. He starts interviews randomly before the interviewee even knows and before either of them are even ready. He doesn’t even have any questions prepared! The scenes with him and the celeb paparazzi are also hilarious. If you have a similar sense of humour to me you will like this.

Great comedy value!  5/5