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My Pad in the Forest

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So the other day I found myself day dreaming about relaxing hideaways and retreats and it got me thinking about where I would possibly like to live in the future. I quickly came up with this:

Forest hideaway home

My home within the trees, hot tube on the balcony round the back!

My Pad Sketch

For me, the location would be just as important as the house itself for when choosing where to live. I had two preferences when it came to this – either overlooking a forest or wood or alternatively an ocean view.

I love dark atmospheric woods and forests and the cover and shelter they provide so I went for this as my ideal favourite location in the end. I know the photography and drawn image obviously don’t fit together; I just wanted the whole isometric, theme hospital/The Sims inspired image to contrast with the nice forest photography. I also used this image as a way to start experimenting with the Perspective Tool in Adobe Illustrator which was added in Illustrator CS5.

My ideal home would have 3 floors and modern, fairly minimalistic styling with plenty of quality wood on show. My luxury item would be the hot tub, on the balcony of the L-Shaped 3rd floor overlooking the trees at the rear of the house, in turn over looked by the master bedroom. I’m pretty sure it would look great with the right lighting out there on the decking at night.