So you wanna be a Fighter?

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Because of my now somewhat advanced age for competitive sports. I now have a new idol to look up to in the Combat Sports world, Robin Black. Robin, a Canadian, was a former front man for a Glam rock band before the drug lifestyle caused a serious scare for him. He needed a complete career change, so being a childhood Bruce Lee fan with some martial arts practice in his youth, he chose to enter the world of MMA. He already had a full career behind him and he didn’t have his first pro fight until he was 38. I find this really inspiring, he faced much ridicule for his choice to enter mma at an advanced age, and even though he did not end with a great record it does show what can be achieved with true passion and dedication. Robin now analysis and breaks down pro fights.

Injury has pretty much put an end to any ambitions I had in competitive mma, but after my latest operation (I made an old injury much worse in a grappling match) I’m able to box without any real issue. Combine this with the fact that boxing was my original boyhood passion I feel this is the way to proceed now and to now fully proceed with full purpose.

I am 33 now but I want to be competitive for as long as I can be in Boxing. I need something to really train for and keep me in top shape. This dedication and progression will help me meet good friends, reduce anxiety and any depression, give me goals to hit and encourage me to keep a healthy body. Thumbs up to Robin Black for being an outlier and showing what can be done.

Competition Time.. on hold.

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Well, I’m back from my blog hiatus, and I’m back with a much more positive mindset. Although the Royal Navy wouldn’t have me (Past ACL Reconstruction) I’ve had some much more important work and life experiences since. I may not have all aspects of my life organised. I’m missing some important relationships and work currently feels dis-organised and unstructured, but the one aspect I realise I have full control over is my own fitness, health and well-being.

I’m getting closer to getting my diet on point and I’m combining this with training and learning a lot. I have the occasional blip and still get smashed from time to time and seem to lose days from my life, but in the main these days are now much less common. Often I worry about my knee and to a lesser degree my lower back (if I’ve been really active throughout the day). I am getting up there in age for the young mans’ competitive combat in mma and I’ve been having aches and pains. This is where my visualization, belief and spirituality come in to play and will continue to do so.

Yoga Class Body Tough Royston

Down at Yoga Class at Body Tough

I progressed from only BJJ to MMA training after moving house and to a gym just down the street. Right on cue a local yoga class has also just started up at the gym and I’m going to make myself a regular there.  I was due to have an mma bout at FightStar Interclub to test start a possible competitive mma  journey. This didn’t materialize due to ongoing issues with arthritus in my right knee that I’ve been trying to ignore in the build up to my fight. Reality reared it’s head at the last however and I had to pull out. Maybe in the future if treatments improve I can get full confidence in my knee again and give it another go. For now however, especially with it being an ongoing struggle to access any healthcare, it’s not safe. I will also see how the grappling goes. I’ve since sparked up some old hobbies and my gym visits for now are way less frequent. It’s nice to have met some great guys down there too.

Steel Evo meets Body Tough