Stuck in the Middle

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When I was young I wanted to be a boxer. I (then as now) loved fitness and not even really knowing why I just became fascinated with boxing in particular. I was a painfully shy kid though, and although no one explicably stopped me fully pursuing it, I can remember my dad saying that I didn’t have the right mentality for boxing and it was carried through by everyone in the house. What little boxing I did I showed promise. I could and was willing to take the hits too. My main concern was my skinny wrists and I convinced myself that this would be my downfall. I never even considered back then that I would be using wraps. I’m defiantly one to think things through before taking action and another concern that came to mind was also the possible prevalence of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) I perceived within combat sports. Just looking at the UFC as an example now, that concern has been proven to be well founded with loads of well known fighters falling foul of the new USADA testing procedures, testing positive and dropping like flies. Micheal Bisping is the current spokesman and figurehead for ‘clean’ sport within the Middleweight division after suffering multiple high profile losses to PED and TRT users in the past.

As time moved on I ended up loving other things instead. I always loved gaming as a kid, largely as a result of the music involved, but I ended up getting in to music and guitar in a big way, lately however I have swung back to martial arts and combat sports. I’m an extremely positive person and I know that at no matter what age you are in life you can change your ways. It sometimes can be as simple as just getting up one day and going for what you want because you have changed your mindset for the better. Professional sports is probably one of the very few things that this doesn’t apply to though with it obviously being very age dependent. I can’t still follow that road because starting with the fitness of youth surely does make a fighting carer.

Boxer in Shadow

I’ve not let set backs of the past stop me though and I still find time to purse the things I grew to love, whether that now be involving music or sport and fitness. Maybe I don’t have one overriding passion anymore but I still work on each area of my life and get a little better each day. I don’t have a lot of other commitments so I can continue to do this. People do generally say that it is better, and possibly much healthier, to be a well balanced person. Maybe one day my one true path will emerge however :).

So I’d just like to make it extra clear.. If you really want to make a success of yourself and go for something, please stick to your convictions 100%. If you feel that strongly about something, never let anyone influence your thoughts or talk you out of what you want to do. I personally still feel that I can have no regrets. I have always been myself, I have always tried in the past and will always try in the future. The way I look at things is, if I was strong enough back then to go for something then I would have done it. This can’t be a regret, it’s simply realizing that I needed more time to become mentally stronger. I hope you feel the same.

Positivity is Key