Save Rock & Roll

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Fall Out Boy-Save Rock&Roll Let me start by saying (fairly obviously) that this album is a must for any FOB fan and I have always been that from the beginning. So I was hugely glad to here that the come back was on, and that we would be hearing from them again!

The album continues the transition in style from early punky FOB to the style found on Folie a deux but still with all the original power and punch from the band early on.

The only reason I wouldn’t give it a full five out of five rating is that the second half of the album is not nearly as good as the first. The first five tracks from ‘The Phoenix’ to ‘Just One Yesterday’ are great with the last having a new very distinctive sound. They have all the youthful energy and I like the style of the drum n bass in your face! The tracks make me feel real young and as if I’m back at a festival out in the sun….which I’m not.

Like I say the rest of the album is not as good but still well worth listening to and Patrick’s voice is great.

Fall Out Boy are back!  4/5

Mortal Kombat: Legacy

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Mortal-Kombat-LegacyLooking back on the Mortal Kombat franchise one area of vast improvement has been in film and video. This has not always been the case with games, many would say the series went downhill for a long time after the excellent Mortal Kombat II and it has stuttered and started since, only getting a new lease of life under new developers in the current Mortal Kombat.

What can I say about this web series from the Machinima channel though, the episodes are simply brilliant quality. The only problem is they are just so damn short! It’s understandable as I am not sure as to what budget the creators were working on but they certainly didn’t scrimp on quality. Hopefully after the success of the first season they may be able to extend the episodes a little for the next.

Like I say the production quality is great, the opening episodes with Jax,Sonia & Kano are in my opinion the worst in the series and a little formulaic but still great to watch and stick to the MK franchise storyline well. It then gets better from there.

It’s clearly made by people who know what gaming fans want (unlike most other past efforts) by staying true to MK whilst also providing a modern, gritty and original update. My favourite episodes are the Kitana & Milleena episodes which are very ‘Kill Bill’ in style and the Scorpion & Sub-Zero episodes which are very artistically shot and have a great soundtrack.

I for one can’t wait for the next series.

It’s easily the best screen adaption of MK yet  4/5