Save Rock & Roll

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Fall Out Boy-Save Rock&Roll Let me start by saying (fairly obviously) that this album is a must for any FOB fan and I have always been that from the beginning. So I was hugely glad to here that the come back was on, and that we would be hearing from them again!

The album continues the transition in style from early punky FOB to the style found on Folie a deux but still with all the original power and punch from the band early on.

The only reason I wouldn’t give it a full five out of five rating is that the second half of the album is not nearly as good as the first. The first five tracks from ‘The Phoenix’ to ‘Just One Yesterday’ are great with the last having a new very distinctive sound. They have all the youthful energy and I like the style of the drum n bass in your face! The tracks make me feel real young and as if I’m back at a festival out in the sun….which I’m not.

Like I say the rest of the album is not as good but still well worth listening to and Patrick’s voice is great.

Fall Out Boy are back!  4/5