My Taylor Project

By October 6, 2013Blog, Images

So, I have just recently upgraded to a Taylor dreadnought acoustic guitar and I got the idea to do a bit of an image project with it, seeing as it’s very valuable and nice to look at, and also very expensive! I took a load of photos when I first got it, unfortunately not too many came out that great. I used the best for my images, check out below.

1. Volcanic Taylor

Taylor DN3 Acoustic Guitar Image

So….I like to take my guitar to some very strange places 🙂 It’s Photoshopped obviously.


2. Taylor on Lava

Taylor DN3 dreadnought guitar

Before I put my pickguard on.


3. Woodland Coast Gaming Taylor

Video Game Image with Taylor Guitar

Collecting Items


4. Abstract Taylor

Taylor DN3 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Hope you like!

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