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I’ve been following Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller ever since his time coaching on TUF 14 opposite Michael Bisping. He’s gone from being idolized by many as the host, and sometime competitor, of bully beatdown to being drugged up and appearing somewhat mentally unstable in his most recent interview -or smear campaign as some would say- conducted for Real Sports by HBO. In between then he has been on what appears to be a straight downhill spiral that has included numerous run ins with the law, the naked church bust, the notorious incident of live tweeting his stand off with police and SWAT in OC and most worryingly the domestic abuse allegations.

Jason getting arrested after his standoff with police

Jason getting arrested after his standoff with police at his home in OC

I personally don’t feel that Jason is a bad guy at all but he does appear to have quite a large ego which I think might be one of the largest issues stopping him getting on with his life. It also became clear in his Central Park interview with Arial Helwani that the guy often has problems being fully honest when he is asked difficult questions. At times I do find it hard to root for him because of such things. He also appears to have had a great life so far and has had more opportunities and experiences than many of us, but once he has come across difficulties he seems as yet unwilling to help himself. It’s possible although, that like myself, he may seemingly be angry due to the many injustices that exist in life. He might need to change the way he views his past. He may not be 100% innocent in his past but I imagine that he is very rarely the instigator of trouble. I can ensure people that you can easily end up at the bottom by simply trying to do the right thing.

Jason being hyper

Jason being hyper

I can relate to the downhill spiral as I’ve been on a version myself, although a much less publicized version of course. It’s surprising how slides like that can begin and continue when you either don’t have people looking out for you or you have the wrong people looking out for you, and situations like that do tend to get way worse with too much drink and drugs.

I really would find his contiuned media stuff funny if I genuinely did believe he was carrying on with the ultimate rib from the ‘Lucky Patrick’ interview with Aerial Helwani. He really is a very entertaining guy, even when going completely off the deep end! But though there maybe some of the showman Mayhem vying for another show or some big payday of some kind, I feel that with his behavior now I think that we have gone beyond merely ‘just trying to fool the world’ to some deeper issues.

Unlike many though, I doubt that he has any serious mental issues. This is the general accusation now leveled against him, with people simply writing him off as crazy. Maybe he just drinks too much and takes god knows what and his current lifestyle allows all this. If you are not in a good place, having too much time on your hands can be the very worst thing. I think he needs to clean up his act, get away from his past and move on. That of course can be easier said than done. I in no way condone domestic abuse and Jason’s case is still pending. He really doesn’t strike me as the type of character who enjoys hitting woman and his accuser has a much less than perfect track record herself. I do wish him well for the future and all the best.

Jason Miller and Gator Hotdog

Jason and Gator Hotdog in Happier Times

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