The Tao of Steve Jobs

By October 11, 2013Blog, Features, Gaming, Media Features

A young Steve JobsBeing a fan of music, technology and design, I was always destined to have a fondness and appreciation for Steve Jobs. He remained to his last day true to his roots, he was simply a charismatic spiritual hippy with an entrepreneurial drive. He did the things he wanted his way. Although I am a PC user myself (Apple stuff is still a bit too expensive for me) I can appreciate what he was trying to, and then did achieve with his company. He came from humble beginnings and grew up with adopted parents and what he managed to achieve in his life was phenomenal.

It’s true he was very well located in the states to achieved his success in his chosen fields but he not only achieved his financial goals of growing his own company from nothing to one of the most profitable companies around, he also stayed true to his own vision of designing products he wanted to design. He wanted his products to be both technically robust and user friendly which also had a large focus on aesthetic design and that’s exactly what he achieved with his Apple products. They are just a bit expensive is all!

Sure he was a control freak and hard to get along with in a work environment but he was an entrepreneur foremost and you can have worse traits in the world of business! At many times in his life he was challenged and had the opportunity to stray from his own path but he knew exactly what he was doing and where he was headed. Even after he was fired from Apple, his own own company which he started from scratch with Steve Wozniak he wasn’t finished with success. He had a love of music, design and technology and achieved success in the creative field of computer animation when he became the driving force behind Pixar before eventually heading back to Apple to spearhead his own company that he started and that he loved.

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