Using Anxiety To Get Things Done

By August 18, 2015Well-being

As I described in Panic Attack!! I know from my own past experiences just how bad high anxiety can be, and just how crippling and debilitating it can be to someone’s life. My past has lead me to have a positive outlook on just about anything though and I’d like to point out that you can use anxiety to get things done! I know everyone is different on the spectrum, a lot of people may experience much more depression than anxiety but always try and look for the best in any situation.

If you have gone through periods of low motivation or self-esteem, getting a high jolt of anxiety can lead you to getting things out of the way that you have been putting off. I’ve used this technique before in the past and even though you temporarily feel terrible and unrested it always helps me, knowing that I am being productive and getting stuff done. High anxiety often means that you are not thinking 100% clearly and your thoughts may be clouded, because of this it is the ideal time to do menial house chores or physical stuff that you will find much easier with all that overflowing energy. Try do something that you have been procrastinating over because you would generally find it boring and uninteresting but what just needs doing. This kind of stuff should hopefully provide just the right amount of mind and body stimulation to get those high anxiety levels to subside whilst also getting your chores done.

Gardening at Night

A further side effect of high anxiety states is the increased willingness to take risks. With all that adrenaline flowing through the body, natural inhibitions are not felt the same as they would be in a relaxed mindset. This can also very well be a huge positive as this can be used as fuel to pull yourself out of your comfort zone and to take the next steps to where you want to go in life no matter how drained you might presently feel. Just remember to think it through the best you can first. Don’t engage in any necessary non-productive risky behaviour. It could well be the perfect time to make that move in to the unknown that you have been putting off because of fear, and it could well be the perfect distraction/cure that you have been looking for!

Make the Leap

Another point to make is that, when anxious, people can start catastrophic thinking. You can start to assume that the worst will always happen constantly in all situations..Again just remember this is only temporary. The world in general gets by and operates more efficiently than you might be thinking. A great example of this is sending and receiving mail through the post. I always wonder how it manages to get to me all the time, through the sear volume of packages that are sent each day throughout the world. How come it never gets lost or stolen? But apart from the very rare occasion when the mail does go missing, this system continues to run like clockwork every day of our lives..and no this is not an advertisement for the postal service.

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