Find That Voice

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From time to time I pick up the guitar and continue trying to sing. Other things now occupy my time but I’ll never forget my love of music. I used to be obsessed with trying to be a virtuoso guitar player but my focus has changed significantly. I now want to concentrate on improving my voice a bit more and hopefully one day get out there and collaborate. My music tastes are also maturing and I become a big Bruce Springsteen fan a few years ago. The way I look at things is, is that the things I love and what I have worked towards in the past are ongoing and a ‘work in progress’. I’ve not mastered music or other areas of my life yet but no matter if there are gaps in between I’ll continue to learn throughout my life and will continue to get better. It doesn’t matter if these things are no longer my career aspirations because all these things help self-improvement and problem solving skills. Practice of a discipline instills discipline and dedication can get you far. I’ve heard Joe Rogan echo these sentiments and I’m in total agreement. Finding my voice I’m sure will help me begin to promote myself. I’m a natural introvert and don’t enjoy being the center of attention but I understand that’s not ideal in our digitally connected modern society.

I now have a Filipina girlfriend so if you know anything about the Filipino karaoke culture learning to sing a little is now more important than ever for me! I’ve got comfortable singing in front of her now. We recently sang together here in Hanoi, Vitname in a karaoke booth and she has already had me singing at parties with friends and family.   

I may attempt vlogging just to improve my marketing and self promotion skills and to hear my own voice speak with confidence. Both vlogging and singing will help me hear my own voice. Being a natural introvert I don’t spend a lot of time speaking, so the bottom line is.. I need to develop that voice.

Competition Time.. on hold.

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Well, I’m back from my blog hiatus, and I’m back with a much more positive mindset. Although the Royal Navy wouldn’t have me (Past ACL Reconstruction) I’ve had some much more important work and life experiences since. I may not have all aspects of my life organised. I’m missing some important relationships and work currently feels dis-organised and unstructured, but the one aspect I realise I have full control over is my own fitness, health and well-being.

I’m getting closer to getting my diet on point and I’m combining this with training and learning a lot. I have the occasional blip and still get smashed from time to time and seem to lose days from my life, but in the main these days are now much less common. Often I worry about my knee and to a lesser degree my lower back (if I’ve been really active throughout the day). I am getting up there in age for the young mans’ competitive combat in mma and I’ve been having aches and pains. This is where my visualization, belief and spirituality come in to play and will continue to do so.

Yoga Class Body Tough Royston

Down at Yoga Class at Body Tough

I progressed from only BJJ to MMA training after moving house and to a gym just down the street. Right on cue a local yoga class has also just started up at the gym and I’m going to make myself a regular there.  I was due to have an mma bout at FightStar Interclub to test start a possible competitive mma  journey. This didn’t materialize due to ongoing issues with arthritus in my right knee that I’ve been trying to ignore in the build up to my fight. Reality reared it’s head at the last however and I had to pull out. Maybe in the future if treatments improve I can get full confidence in my knee again and give it another go. For now however, especially with it being an ongoing struggle to access any healthcare, it’s not safe. I will also see how the grappling goes. I’ve since sparked up some old hobbies and my gym visits for now are way less frequent. It’s nice to have met some great guys down there too.

Steel Evo meets Body Tough