Why are you so angry Adam?

By May 6, 2015Blog
Who you looking at!?

Who you looking at!?

“Why are you so angry?” I am sometimes asked as I am eyed with confusion. I feel I have an ‘outsider’ status now from the people I once knew that proceeds me, and I can do nothing about their pre-conceived notions as to why this is. I always want to really answer the question, but to answer it properly would take hours of explanation that the person would not be prepared to listen to in full. The simple answer to the question as to why I am sometime angry is that I feel I am at complete odds with seemingly everything in this place and time in both personal and political terms.

I am currently 28 years old and I was born and live in England. I’m a White man in modern England and I believe that I have fairly moderate ‘middle of the road’ political views. I always like to say that good politics should always basically be common sense. That common sense for me often lands in the middle of the ‘sliding scale’.

I am not against immigration, I support equal rights between sexes and treat each individual with the same respect and an open mind regardless of race, sex and any type of sexual orientation. I actually believe I am really liberal and understanding in that respect. I understand when people fall on hard times a certain amount of help can be required for people to get back on their feet. We have the NHS health care system over here where people are entitled to free healthcare and that is great too. My problem politically is that each area seems to be unjustly exploited by many people due to each factor being in no way appropriately moderated by the government. Going back to the analogy of the’sliding scale’ doing things in moderation being in the middle of the scale our government never seem to maintain any order or control and things go off the chart. In my personal opinion the workings of the country have started to become a farce.

For the size of the country immigration is out of control and not many requirements seem to be imposed on immigrants in England. I know from personal experience now it is not unusual to be in city centers and to be easily in the minority by being a person speaking English. This is not a racist view, it is simply my opinion that if you are living in a country that you are not native to, it should be a requirement to attempt to integrate and follow the customs of the country etc, as many immigrants obviously do and I too would expect to do abroad.

English Streets

English Streets

The benefits system is completely laughable and situations can arise where (for example) people can get more money from the state by having a load of kids instead of actually working. When you read these types of articles you can only think how it is going to affect the morale of the working populace across the country, what type of affiliation are they going to feel towards their government if they are working hard for a living and people without jobs are being handed out more money than they earn?

The NHS system is crippled by overpopulation, lack of funds and bad lifestyle choice and if the population of the country is not moderated I am sure the system could well collapse in the future. I have had issues with the treatment family members and myself have received from the NHS at certain stages of my life, which I have to say have been appalling at times. This is not necessarily a reflection on the staff but I feel again is due to the government not maintaining any control as the system buckles and strains at the seams due to the number of individuals it has to accommodate.

Law seems to be another huge concern in the country and I can’t remember reading about a case where I personally thought justice had really been done. Once prosecuted, sentencing seems to be extremely lenient and there will be people walking the streets who have committed atrocious acts.  I dread to think about actually having and raising a child here now.

I’m writing this article on the eve of the general election for 2015. All indications are that we are probably set for another hung parliament where people with opposing views will share power, continually clash heads and probably nothing committed will truly get done for the good of the country for another four to five years.

Our 2015 electoral candidates

Our 2015 electoral candidates. Maybe Farage is worth a shout?

On to my personal problems. They are (generally) caused by me being a very sensitive and shy person by nature. I was very quiet at school and I suffered issues of bullying (ironically from the odd teacher just as much as other kids). Things were not helped none when, due to a set of circumstances, I ended up moving secondary schools mid-term. After school things didn’t improve a great deal, I had issues with my family which domino-ed and caused issues with the people I hung out with at the time. The result being I felt totally left out and in away abandoned by certain people. Afterwards, outside of work, I often spent most of my time in my own company trying to improve myself which I still do to this day. I got down and started to really struggle with work, once I dropped in to this limbo state my thoughts became hard to control because I had no real outlets and didn’t know where to go and my mind always wanted to think of the past. I had to learn to cope in a society that I felt that I could in no way relate to, with few friends who had their own lives going on not close to me. I started to see everything against me in every aspect. For example viewing the rise of feminism when the vast majority of girls I new at the time had treated me like complete shit. I have certain traits that are admittedly very selfish but have arisen due to the life I have lived up to now and the situation I am currently in. This isn’t a sob story, I have always had good times, I just feel that people that knew me back then could have made an effort to understand why I have some of the issues I have with society now.

What really makes me upset though is the people who know my nature and temperament but in no way do they try to understand. They refuse to see things from someone else’s perspective but instead eye me with confusion and simply ask “Why so angry Adam?”

ps I hope some people can relate to at least some of the things in this article because I feel my views and expressions often divide me from many people around me. Please feel free to leave a comment if you like.

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